I’m Amy.  Single mother of five.  I truly believe it was my calling to become a mother. That being said, I can also acknowledge that I have found motherhood to be the “most challenging, frustrating, fulfilling, and amazing experience,” especially as a single mom. I may carry a degree of Science in Sociology, but nothing could prepare me for this life, like motherhood has.  I created this blog to help other women through my own personal journeys with motherhood, divorce, and the every day challenges that face us as we single-parent.  I am no scholar.  I am not wealthy. I was not physically abused.  Most importantly- I am not perfect.  They say to write about what you know.  I know the brutality of divorce.  I know what it’s like to raise toddlers to teenagers all single-handedly.  I have made mistakes but have turned them into life’s lessons, that continue to make me better, smarter, and more driven than ever.  On this blog, I will share my journey, in hopes it can make yours easier….