Ahhh. New year, new you….

Most people decide to set goals with a new year. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning…But how do you set those goals, and then follow through to achieve them? I mean, a goal left unwritten is just a wish, right?

Normally, I just verbalize my goals.  To myself, maybe to a friend, or even one of my kids….and then I go about my merry way, and “hope” I achieve my goals.  This year, I opted for something new! I’m hoping my way, can not only help me, but maybe inspire someone else to change and accomplish what they set forth to do.

I began by writing out what was important to me, by centralizing myself. Otherwise, it seems as though we are randomly coming up with things we hope to do, places we’d like to go, things we’d like to have, but nothing is of true value and importance. We tend to set goals that are achievable, but then what?

Once you have created your own topics of importance, it is easy to break them down, almost as an outline, and write out what you want to accomplish in each area, and then further break it down into how you will succeed in doing so.

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Some people believe that in order to hold yourself accountable, you must share your goals with others. I don’t disagree with that statement, but I opt to keep them to myself. I hold myself accountable by setting aside time each week (15-30 minutes) to go over my goals and take notes as to what I have done that week to meet each one.  Sometimes, I’ve only taken 1-2 actions toward a couple of listed goals, and other times I have been a busy bee and nailed it!

As I stated earlier, I don’t share my goals, but I will break it down for examples.

Under Finance, a couple of my goals were:

  1. Save X amount of dollars this year.
  2. Open a new IRA and start contribution.
  3. Create $200/month in passive income.

Under Self Improvement, a couple of my goals were:

  1. Read 10 books this year (I dislike reading:) ).
  2. Listen to 5 podcasts per week.
  3. Blog once a week.


Again, these are examples, I also wrote out my travel goals for the year, career, and health.  Most people commit to losing weight.  I committed to maintaining the weight I am at.  In doing this, I made a goal to continue doing yoga at least four times a week.

At the end of each quarter, I will evaluate my goals and check them off as I have completed.  I will use this to help me determine if my goals were to easy, or if I need to re-evaluate and possibly move these from 1 year goals to long term goals.

Just wanted to share what works for me, in hopes it may help someone else!




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