The uplifting side to Botox…


I know they say you are only as old as you feel.  True, maybe. However, I know I feel as though I’m 30, but look as though I’m mid 40’s!  I have always said that when it comes to aging, I will go down fighting…..

I first got Botox after turning 40 years old.  I could see definite lines in my forehead and the crows feet were glowing.  Other people may have not noticed, but I did….every single morning when looking in the mirror.  To me, if you look good, you feel good.  So…I chose Botox.  I’ve tried all the creams and facials, but nothing really, truly worked. Until now.

I’m no Dr. and cannot share a professional opinion.  I’m just your everyday mom, trying to fight the signs of aging.  What I can offer, is some helpful little tips…I personally chose a plastic surgeon in my area.  I mean, you don’t go to the hardware store for groceries right? I know there are cosmetologists and spa’s that provide Botox, but I’m going to stick with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon-when dealing with my face! I had a girlfriend who let an Emergency Room Dr. give her injections at a Botox party.  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty….

I always call to find out when they are running a special, and I don’t book unless they are.  Sometimes (if you make that clear), they will offer you a special even if one is not being promoted.  I have never paid more than $11/unit.  I do not join any of their memberships, as I feel it defeats the purpose.  I know they will give in and give me the deal regardless.  I do, however, sign up for a program called Brilliant Distinctions. This is a great, free program that allows you to earn money back for your next Botox appointment.

Botox is strictly for the forehead and around the eye area.  If someone tells you otherwise, it is false.  Below the eyes are for fillers, not Botox. The girlfriend I spoke of above, allowed an E.R. Dr. to inject her around her lips.  She couldn’t use a straw for 4 months.  When she smiled, her eyes moved, but nothing else!  I concentrate on my forehead, and just a little bit around my crows feet.  I don’t want to eliminate all wrinkles, and I want to maintain a natural look. It’s quite painless, and only takes about 5 minutes.  I’ve left an appointment and gone to lunch with friends, there is no recovery! If it helps to gauge, I typically use 30 units during a visit.  So let’s do the math- 30 units @ $11/unit= $330. Then, I get to subrtract my Brilliant Distinctions credit of $25.  So my total is $303/per visit. I do this twice a year, and it’s worth every dime.  I feel like a kid on Christmas at those appointments.

In this busy life, we still need to do tiny things for ourselves.  We work hard, and earn the right to treat ourselves occasionally. This is the gift that keeps on giving 🙂  It may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a highlight for me!

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