Kids say the darndest things…


Like most, I am a Facebook user.  I am particular about who I “friend”, as I am always posting in reference to my kids.  I avoid the drama, and if it’s on my feed, I hide it (and the person posting) permanently.  I use Facebook to keep in touch with distant relatives/friends.  I love that I can keep up with what they are doing, and see their families growing up.  It’s so nice to share events and stories about our kids.  It helps make the distance between us a little more tolerable.

One of my favorite features on Facebook is the memories they post on your timeline.  Little flashbacks of (for me anyway) happy times.  The picture above popped up on my timeline the other day, and I giggled just remembering that morning 6 years ago…

I had been divorced a couple years at this point, and was working 4 day work weeks.  My youngest, Charlie, was just 7 years old.  Charlie is the baby of 5.  He has always had an abundance of attention, partly because he is so fun to be around.  Charlie could usually be found attached to my hip at any given moment.  That being said, he hated it that I was off on Friday’s every week, and he had to go to school.  He tried every Friday to come up with an excuse to stay home, but I always said no.  School was important, and we have the entire weekend to spend together.  One of these Friday’s, as I was dropping him off to school, he looked back and said, ” I left you a note on your bed”.  As I got back home and settled in with my morning routine, I went to retrieve the note.  I laughed as I read it.  He was so bent out of shape, he was ready to give up his family immediately….

A few hours later, I received a call from the school nurse.  Charlie had a tummy ache and was requesting to go home.  As I pulled up to the school to get him, he came out with a little grin.  We spoke no words, except-“hey, wanna go get some breakfast and hang out?”  We had a fun day together playing hooky, and Charlie never tried to play the “sick” card again…..


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